My fellow adventure bloggers and I will head off to a new adventure this summer- the World Scout Jamboree in Japan! The Jamboree is held every forth year in different countries and it serves as a meeting point for all scouts from every corner in the world. A place for exchanging cultures, experiences, and making life lasting friendships.  

  Who is Eric?

I'm 16 years old Swedish guy, born in Sweden but currently living in Linares, Chile.  I love scouting, travelling, adventuring, and meeting new people.  I've been a scout for 8 years. I've been looking forward to World Scout Jamboree for 4 years, so you can say that I'm pretty excited - as well as anxious.

My expectations before Jamboree are: to speak in many languages, meet new people and trade my Swedish scout neckerchief. I participated 2 years ago in an international scout-camp in Germany, so this Jamboree will be my second international scout-event, but hopefully not the last one! My expectation before Jamboree are: to speak in many different languages, to meet new people and trade my Swedish scout neckerchief. 

Weitwinkel 2013 - My first international scout-experience

II will share my journey from Chile to Japan with you.  I will reveal my thoughts, feelings and expectations and shortly summarize this amazing, international, mind-blowing experience that we're about to embark on.

Let the adventure begin!