The end of the Jamboree

(this entry was originally posted at August 9, but cyberspace lost it...)

Wow. The time really flies. 
The 23rd World Scout Jamboree has officially ended for good and there will never be one just like it. 
Most of the participants left yesterday, and almost every IST will leave today. The only people who'll still be at the campsites are Heads (people with some sort of responsibility) and a few participants and ISTs waiting for their flight home. 

Eating dinner in the Staff Restaurant, great as always..

Why use the disposable cutlery when you can use a SPORK?

The best breakfast when they just wanted to get rid of all tomatoes and handed them out! 

The last couple of days has been mad, like all days here. Time flies away from the minute you wake up and leave the tent, til the time is too late at night and you get back to the tent to sleep. Everything between that is just a crazy mix of things you do.  

Like I said before the Jamboree, the best thing about the whole happening are the cultural exchanges and how people deal with cultural differences. The struggle with different languages and the lack of same language knowledge might be the most fun, and frustrating, during these kind of events. You try to meet people from every country there is and talk to them, but the conversations can be a real struggle. But no one gives up, people just throw out their phones and translates the words they don't know and just like magic everything is fixed! 
And it doesn't matter if you and your fellow friends doesn't speak the same language. We are all scouts who share the same foundation and have a mutual understanding for how we want be. 
This fantastic behavior is visual at any time, but it is really enhanced at the Jamboree. And everyone just love it. 

Pimping the tents are the best trick to be able to find them at night when every tent look the same. 

Me and my working group - amazing as always!

Amazing picture of the sun going down at the closing ceremony. 

The mail goal now is to go to our hostel in Kyoto and do so sleeping and laundry before we can start our sightseeing trip!