Me and my adventure

My name is Jake or Inqrid, and this summer, I'll partake in a huge, international adventure - the 23rd International Scout Jamboree in Japan. It is held every four years, and in a different country every time. I was at the previous Jamboree in Sweden back in 2011, and now I can't wait to work at this one in Japan! So follow me, and the other bloggers, on an amazing journey to Japan, and - hopefully - the best scout camp ever!


A little about me

I'm 18 years old and live in Stockholm, Sweden, where I study science at Stockholm's University. I've been a scout for 12 years, and have previously been to two international scout events: the previous scout jamboree, and Explorer Belt, which is a trekking challenge through a country in Europe. I also help with organizing scout events for young scouts in Stockholm.

When I'm not scouting, I enjoy doing sports - I've been a climber since I was  six, and worked as a climbing instructor since I was fifteen. I've been fascinated with Japan since I was small - I usually dress in various Japanese street fashions, and love Japanese pop culture.

One of my greatest prides - the belt I got as an award for trekking over 160 km in ten days in Hungary last summer. Second picture: Me, climbing outside last spring.

Checking my equipment - making sure the tents are in good condition for the trip!

Hope you'll enjoy sharing in on my adventure!