Late as always with my entry - forgive me 

Starting this post with one of my top Scouting-tips - sorting bags! What is the most common struggle being away with a bag pack for a longer time? That's right. You can't find anything in your backpack after a while! So how can we improve our hard lives as scouts? Reusing old T-shirts that we rarely use, sow the bottom of it, use a rope to tie it together and voila - You have a pretty, eco-friendly (well frankly, scouty) bag to keep your backpack tidy!

          The three ones that I'll bring 

When I said earlier that the date of departure was close - I was wrong. Now it is. Recently arrived in the Stockholm of summer, I now have a TON of things to do before we leave, as I haven't been able to before. Today I collected my profile-pack that the Swedish scout contingent sent us, and I am amazed of the amount of things they sent us (6 sporks included...). I think that further down the blog, the others have posted pictures!

Words cannot describe how excited I am (which I've been for a long time, aprox. 4 years(!)) for this experience! I know that we will not return to our homes the same persons that we are now, and all the friends and persons that we will meet in Japan, the other side of the World, are now on their designated paths to our point of arrival, just like us, and they don't have any idea of what's infront of them. Well neither do we. 

I even managed to get my hand on a 2000-yen bill, which is a sign of good fortune in Japan! Yey!

Checking in with you guys in a couple of days, 

PD. A move tip for you guys to hype a little bit extra, and because it's a good, relatable movie: Wild.