Discovering Japan

4 days since we left the Jamboree, and man, have we been busy!
Since healthy planning is overrated, my patrol and I went straight from the Jamboree to Mt Fuji, to ascend it. During the night. Without proper equipement, and without having slept the night before.
Yeah. It was exactly as stupid and hard as it sounds.
BUT! We got to the summit before sunrise, and got some gorgeous photos! It really was a once-in-a-lifetime amazing experience!
After that, we travelled to Tokyo for a 2-day trip with a mix of traditional Shinto shrines, and hyper-modern neon districts.
This giant Torii is from Meiji-Jingu, a Shinto shrine in central Tokyo. It was so tranquil!
After our stay in Tokyo, we went to Kyoto, to discover the historical Japan - aka, se a million shrines and temples. The one above is called the "golden pavilion" - the 2nd and 3rd floor is gold-covered!
And finally, today, we went to the bamboo grove, to the famous Nijo-Jo castle (with the nightingale floor - it really sings under your feet!), to a Japanese tea ceremony, and finished up with awesome vegan dinner! Livin' la vida Scout-style!