Exploring Japan

These days are passing way too fast, even though we do a TON of things on the days (and nights). Quickly reflecting over my first week here in Japan - the land of my beloved soduko, my face rapidly bursts into a smile, I'm currently living a dream, I do all of my favorite things here, I experience new cultures, and new places, and I get to meet new kinds of people, make friendships, and learn a little of a new language. Can you imagine that this is NOTHING compared to what awaits us in 2 days? I just dipped my toe into the Jamboree-pool, filled and mixed with all kinds of people, genders, languages, cultures, activities, etc. 

Me and my squad of 40 persons went this sunday to Mt. Fuji, where we had 3 relaxing days, with hikes to nearby mountains along the countryside, and small, traditional villages. It sure didn't feel that one of the most populated cities on the planet just was 1-2 hours away. We used our new awesome tents from Hilleberg, which takes aprox. 5 minutes to take down and raise, not kidding. Next stop - Tōkyō. The pulsating heart of Japan, and it was perfect. Not my first time there, but with a completly new state of mind, and expectations. We went to museums, parks, walked around in various blocks, and parts of the city, like Shibuya, a Times Square, but japanese, and Akihabara, the Electric Town. Just listen to that name! The heat makes us drink liters of water, and eat regularly every day, and I can tell you that it has not been easy, but now we're used to it, and it's not a biggie. It's worth it. Now we recently arrived to Nagahama, and we will spend an entire day in Kyoto, the old capital of Japan. They say it is filled with temples, parks, and alot of history. My thing. 

Man, I just really want to go to the camp now. My body is itching. It's just 2 days away, lucky me. 

An excited Eric signing out