Getting Ready

Hey everybody, Eric checking in. 
Mind status: Overseas Mind-packing.

When I see the countdown that I have in an app on my phone, I feel frustrated. Even though I've never had any problems what so ever with packing, or preparing for a camp, it feels terrible not being able to do anything, I can't even sow my badges on to my shirt!!! The 16 days that I'll have between my arrival and departure, will be full with prepping myself to the big journey, that actually means, if I know myself right, running around the apartment, heads over heels, trying to find all my scouting equipment, and fighting with my sister about who's going to get the biggest backpack, etc.

Last time I had to pack to an big occasion like this was almost 2 years ago, when I was going on a 3-week long scoutcamp in Germany, and packing the bag was pretty easy for me. I have no idea what kind of curse/blessing that someone has cast upon me, but I can actually just throw my stuff into a backpack, and be ready, while my sister can be sitting in her room for 4 days straight rolling up clothes, using every trick in the book to get the maximum amount of things into the bag. On the other hand, she never runs into trouble, doesn't have anything missing, but there's always something - or things, missing for me. A huge savior for me will be the sweet profile package, that the Swedish Contingent will send us very soon, which contains a meal kit, a backpack, a foldable water bottle, and a lot more. The Japanese summer will be very warm and humid, which means no big, and fat sleeping bags, nor big jackets - a difference from the rainy, cold camps of Sweden (But whilst in Japan, the temperature will, without an doubt, be missed). Even the tents will be handed out to us upon arrival, so I feel that the odds are in our favor this time! 

Then there's the non-scouting side of this trip, which is getting ready for Japan itself. Exchanging currencies, personal packing for normal travelling, studying the culture, the language and the country, and preparing yourself mentally. It is easy to forget that we're not going on the normal type of camp - This is the 25th World Scout Jamboree we're talking about.

Let the packing begin!