Less than 24hours to go

It's really close now.
My backpack is filled with all of my stuff and there's not much space left, and I can only hope I haven't forgot anything.
I wouldn't really like to admit it, but I'm a bit nervous for the trip, I rather say that I am so exited that I could burst. I have been waiting for four whole years for this adventure to Japan and the opportunity to attend a Jamboree abroad. And now I'm finally ready and the flight is about to leave in about 16 hours. It's completely crazy.
When we fly off tomorrow we will be the last Swedish scouts leaving Sweden for Japan. Most of our contingent are already there, and I've been stalking my friends on every social media there is for pictures and videos from where they are. The more I see and read, the more exited I get. However, at the same time the whole thing feels unrealistic. During these four years the trip has been so far long in the future. And as we're standing here, less than 24 hours from departure, it feels very odd. I cannot get into my head that I will be leaving Sweden, home, friends, job, family, for a whole month to go to Japan for a major scout camp. Hopefully my mind will be ready for the present events in time for tomorrow, and hopefully nothing important will be forgotten at home.

How the home might look like when someone is about to leave for a scout travel in a whole month..

With everything packed in special bags, some of them waterproof, it is easier to know where all your stuff are.

Well it is time for me too sleep, and soon it will be time for my friends in Japan to wake up for a great new day with a lot of sightseeing. For me, I will be waking up to the beginning of an amazing adventure that starts with ca 36 hours of traveling. 

Until next time, and by then in another country!