Preparations for the journey

Hi guys! It's Jake again. This time, since I've been going over all of my equipment for the big journey, I thought I'd do a quick show of the most important things I'll be bringing. So here we go:

Preparations for the journey, a.k.a. "Things Jake would never leave without."

The first thing to bring is, naturally, a good backpack. We've had this one in the family for years - it's nice and big, with a ton of different pockets for all sorts of stuff.

The next things- again, a bit of a no-brainer - are the tents. Since I'll be sharing with friends, I'm bringing two of them; a domed tent for sleeping, and a small tunnel tent for storing our bags in, so it won't get overcrowded.

This is probably the coolest thing I'll bring - my eating kit from Light My Fire. It's practical, has a ton of different things like a cutting board and containers, and it's really small once you put it all together. I'm not kidding when I say my family has at least ten different sets.

Scout shirt - even if we'll get new ones, it's always fun to bring your own, personal scout uniform to a Jamboree, and compare badges and designs with people from other countries.

Speaking of badges - who'd go anywhere without some spares to trade, and their precious sewing kit? I think I have closer to 100 badges to trade (and I'll trade each and every one of them - I guarantee it.

My guidebooks about Japan and Tokyo. Books might be somewhat heavy, and they easily break, but once we're in Japan, there's no guarantee there'll be wifi. It's always good to have a good guidebook with a few tips and tricks, for when you need some quick advice!

And lastly, some things I think people can easily forget, that make your life so. Much. Easier. Sunscreen in a high (50+) SPF for my face, neck, and tattoo - as you might see, I'm really pale, and have to wear sunscreen a lot. A cap, to further protect the face and neck area. And lastly - so simple you might not even think about it - a water bottle. The Jamboree's in July; it will be sweltering. Staying hydrated will be super important, which makes a good water bottle a must-have!

Hope you enjoyed my list of Japan-Jamboree-essentials!