Common Denominator

In this moment sitting cold, feeling frustrated at the heating system here, the fireplace, which for your information, never reaches my room. It's crazy how fast the time is passing by, I'm currently looking down in my countdown-app in my cellphone, and it tells me that I'm boarding the plane to Japan in 25 days. Whoa.

Testing my gear for 🇯🇵 in the mountains of Machu Picchu 

I always enjoy looking for the small common denominators in persons, what connects us to one another. Comparing my life here in Chile, to the one in Sweden, the people, the families, my classmates... And while the differences are huge, there are always things that connects us, it can be the passion for the same international popstar, or the same brand of our shirts, etc, and the common denominator in the camp in Japan will be scouting. Each and every single scout in that camp has one thing in common, doesn't matter the distance. Scouting. We all share the same solidarity, the same compassion of scouting, and we all share the same interest of learning about other human beings. I think that it is pretty amazing that even though we all come from different backgrounds, we all gather in that campsite in the south of Japan to exchange cultures, neckerchiefs, and thoughts.

Expectations are never good to have in excess, even though we all do have them. Sometimes you actually have to be a little cliché and say Carpe Diem, C'est la vie, and all that stuff. Live in the now. I'll be happy if I don't have to sleep on a rock in the tent, which I actually do almost EVERY year. Call it bad luck, or destiny or something. It is fun to think about the camp though, think about all the new food that we'll try, wonder if you'll see Pokémons, and it's good to prepare yourself! I'm trying not do it in excess, that's all.

I have absolutely no fears for this journey, and why should I? This is going to be one of the best experiences of my life, I'm going to travel, do scouting, meet new people, open my world a little bit more. I have actually already been in Japan one time, so maybe that's a reason why I don't have any fears.

                                                              Some expectations at least...

My advice is shortly briefed, live more, think less. Learn some japanese, keep on packing, and counting down the days. Carpe Diem.