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fredag 19 juni 2015

About me
My name is Marcus Johansson, 22,5 years young, and a leader for scouts in the age of 10-12 years old in Örnsberg, Stockholm. A absolutely great age for scouts!
First I must say how very pleased I am to have the opportunity to visit Japan, and to see the country.
I have always dreamt about Japan as well as other Asian countries. I will participate in the Jamboree as an IST (International Service Team) which means that I will work during the Jamboree with all kinds of tasks that keeps the camp running.
I am originally from the deep woods of Värmland and I have a great interest for hunting, fishing and hiking in the woods. When I first arrived in Stockholm, I missed the wildlife so much... but luckily I discovered the local scouts in Örnsberg. Their assembly room was situated just one block from my apartment.


Last week I participated in a course called ALUINT. ALU is short for Allmän ledarutbildning (general education for leaders) and it is a 6-day couse for scout leaders. It consists of presentations and practical examples in an outdoor environment, including many ceremonies - some which I will describe here.
My patrol Skiffer - all patrols had names referring to stones.
The first day we built a portal to our camp site, before we raised the tents.  We organized the camp site. Among the things needed to be done, my contribution was a rack for drying clothes and gear.

In the evening our patrol made visits to the others patrols to see that they had settled alright.  After this it was time for all patrols to gather around the camp fire in order to get our initiation, which in this case was a ceremony in which you received a buckle for your scarf.

On the second day we went on a sailing hike. And so the days passed quickly with many memorable experiences: up at 6-7 and in bed by 22 - 00.
The sixth day was our last day of camp and the evening turned out to be very special.  We started the evening by sing along together by the fire. After this we received our badges as a proof for completion of the course, and declared our vows as scout leaders.
Then it was time to go a track marked with small lights in the dark. It was very beautiful and led to a place called Circus.  We were served food and a delicious dessert and ate in the dark. It was as magical as a scout camp can be!

About knots
These are some useful knots 
Dubbel skotstek
Dubbelt halvslag

"Dubbel skotstek" to hoist and lift things like a flag, and "Dubbelt halvslag" to hitch and lash things when you for example want to make a portal or a drying rack.
- say hello to Alvin - he is also going to Japan as an IST :)

100%scout ;)  Var redo...

Always be ready! Once a scout, always a scout - remember that!
For  all of you that not yet are scouts - it is never too late :)


Marcus Johansson