The Scout uniform - a heap of Scout attire

Hey everyone, Jake here! Hope you're enoying summer (I sure am!)

Today, I'm gonna talk a bit about Scout attire, and what it can be in different situations. I'm sure a lot of you have an idea of how a scout uniform looks, but the fact is, for different occasions, the attire change. I was also going to show you the package with special edidtion scout things we got in the mail for the Jamboree, but life got in the way, and I still haven't been able to pick up my parcel. Bummer.

I just want to say, before I explain all of the clothes, that I have a lot more Scout clothing than I thought - and the things in the pictures aren't even all of them.

So, in these first two pictures, you have casual scout clothing. The top picture is of three t-shrits, two from the World Scout Jamboree 2011, and one from a Swedish camp back in 2013, and the hoodie is from the work group I'm in that organizes hikes and activities for scouts aged 15+. They are all super comfy, but the colors are, in my opinion, atrocious. All of them are scout-y, but wouldn't be worn to a cermony.
The second picture is of my scout jeans, and my Explorer Belt. The jeans, I made after the last Jamboree - I simply stitch all of my traded badges onto a pair of bell-bottom jeans. I wanted a pair of relaxed pants, with a cool scout vibe. My goal is that, after this Jamboree, I'll have so many new badges I'll be able to cover the entire pair of pants with them!

The next two pictures are of more formal Scout attire. Te top one is of two for my three scout shirts. The one to the left is mine, a traditional Swedish one with all of the badges I've earned (well, most, I haven't put all of them on yet). It's also the one I use in formal events. The one on the right is a shirt from the Boy Scouts of America, which I got in a trade last Jamboree. I wouldn't use the American one in cermonies, but it's still fun to have. I also have a thid shirt - a Swedish one, but without any badges - that I have as a spare, or for less formal scout meetings.

The second picture is of my Scout scarves. As you can see, I have a few. They are, from lef to right: The official Italian scarf, traded in 2011; a scarf from Uganda, given to me as a gift when I visited a girl school there last year; the scarf of my scout group, sewn from an old sail; the official Swedish scarf; and lastly, under all of them, the official Jamboree scarf for the 2011 Jamboree.

So, as you can see, there are a lot of different kinds of scout clothing you can wear. In Japan, however, I think my look will be a bit closer to this:

At least in the 2011 Jamboree, the only official scout attire you had to wear at all times was the scarves; the rest was optional, though you had to have a uniform for cermonies. I'll most likely have a thin function/workout shirt, my Swedish scarf and the Jamboree scarf, a nice pair of sturdy shorts, and a good belt to keep a water bottle, a knife, and a first-aid kit on - things that will always come in handy at a scout camp!

Until next time,