With only 44 days until departure the preparations are in full speed ahead! But how do one prepare for a journey that will include sleeping in tents and hotels, different kinds of weather from warm and moist to rainy and wet, walking in unknown terrain but also in big cities? Yeah, great question. I have no clue.

The camp itself has been in full planning since years back, and I can't really give you a specific amount of time since I am not part of the planning team. I basically know nothing about the camp and what will happen. My part in the Jamboree will be as an IST - International Service Team, and it means that I will go there to work. As I told you in my last post, someone to plan it, someone to attend it, and someone to work at it! As an IST, someone will say "this is your job and this is what you will do", and then we'll do it! At the first day at the Jamboree camp site I will be given my job, and to choose our job at the Jamboree, all of us ISTs looked through a catalog and then choose three jobs that we thought were the best/most fun to do. But since we are a few thousand people who will be ISTs there is a small chance that we all will be getting the jobs we want, and I can imagine that it will take a great amount of time to sort all the jobs to every IST-person.

When it comes to my packing, there are only some things I can assume that I will be needing. As a quite experienced scout I can figure out some "basic scout things" like sleeping bag, things to eat from/with, some clothes, scout shirt, knife, and cash for candy (witch is more important than one believes). But this time we'll be going to another country far away, and my packning must consist of things for both a journey abroad and a scout camp. Thankfully, the management team have given us a list for things we absolutely have to bring, and things we might need. So even the blind hen will be able to find some food (Swedish saying). As an complement to our personal packing there are some things that every scout will bring (although it will differ between the countries). The Swedish scouts will bring our beautiful scout shirt with the Swedish scarf, a specially designed t-shirt for the Jamboree, a specially designed backpack, a handfull of badges some special for the Jamboree, a transport bag to keep our backpacks in, an water bottle, and a meal kit with some extra sporks! These things are gifts from different companies and will be a great supplement for our personal packing!

Picture of the things we will receive. (picture borrowed from the Swedish Contingent)

This is just the preparations that I can do in my head for myself. I still have a list of all the things I have to do before leaving and the things I have to buy. Shoes, camera,  a new sleeping bag and i-don't-know-the-word to sleep on. I can nearly see my money just fly away..

Over and out from Louise.