1 2 3, shout Jamboree!

Wohoo, Jake is in Japan!
The Jamboree is oficially open now, and it. Is. Amazing.
I just can't believe that I'm here! Apart from the heat (which is a killer) everything is fantastic - the other volunteers, the participants, and the feeling of being in a separate, miniature world.
A picture from the opening, where all 33000 scouts gathered to sing and celebrate that we're lucky enough to be here, in Japan, sharing this adventure.
A costume of a Taiwanese child god, believed to bring good luck.
The people I work with, going over the rules of soccer (our work station).
My friend and I, enjoying life at the Jamboree.

Of course, we've done things outside of the Jamboree, too: we've been to Miyajima, an island just outside of Hiroshima, where the famous torii (water gate) is located. On the camping where we slept, wild deer wandered free. I don't know about the "wild" part though - a lot of them came pretty close!

To be back soon (with plenty of pictures and stories) - Jake