Jam, jam, Jamboree

Jake again, sitting in a quiet corner, enjoying the coolness of the evening.
There are only 4 days left of the Jamboree, and I don't know how to feel about it. On the one hand, it'll be nice to travel around and explore Japan, and sleep in a real bed again. On the other hand - I'll miss this. I'll miss having friends from Brazil and the UK just a minute away. I'll miss the chances of trading scout stories from across the world over dinner. Most of all, I'll miss the incredible feeling of unity and solidarity that all of the people here seem to share - the feeling that we are all one big scout family.
Today was the last day of soccer for me - tomorrow, I'm on bird watching, and then I don't have any more work until the Jamboree is over.
One of the great things to do at camp - learn about different religions. Here, I'm trying on a Sikh turban.
For cultural day, there was an airplane show where they made the Jamboree symbol!
My friends and I built a Brittish Winterfell, for the Friendship Award.

All in all, things are still wonderful, even if they're coming to an end - like all things will.