Day 21 (2014-06-27)

Landscape image: At the edge of the sea band with free horizon. 
Weather: Cloudiness 2/8, southern 1 m/s 
Distance: 28 km 
Average distance: 28 km 
Total distance: 593 km 
Position: Kiviriki 
Health/feelings: I feel tired and a little drowsy today. Not very well in other words. 

Since I don't feel great today, I stayed in the tent for a long time and did everything in slow motion. When everything was done I took out a book and read for a couple of hours. Then my eagerness to see new islands got the upper hand and I hopped into the boat. The clouds acattered and the wind died. Garment after garment went off until I was rowing in just my underwear. Despite that it got too hot and there was nothing to do but jump into the water. I climbed back into the boat and continued to the only small capes in this area that aren't military. I'm lucky there isn't going to be any wind because then I will get washed over. I'm only 30 centimetres over the water level and I am grateful that there's no tide, which created such trouble in Norway. I have slept a couple of hours and now woken up. Have drunken a lot of water mixed with isotonic powder. I will surely feel better tomorrow. 

Thoughts about life: Happiness is incredibly important in life, but it's not the meaning of it. Paradoxal enough, happiness is easy to find but hard to discover. Those who live the simplest lives tend to also be the happiest, and joy can be found in the little things. Why are poor people often happy and rich people unhappy? Everyone can find happiness if they dig exactly where they stand. Instead most un around like dizzy chickens and look in a new place every time. They think that if they only move to the new place, they will fins happiness. They always get more material things and think that even more or even greater success will give them happiness. When they then get there they don't dig, but think out a new place where happiness must be. A never-ending searching without ever finding joy. They already have everything but don't see it and search and demand more all the time and then even more. Happiness is buried right at your feet. You must only dig just where you stand. If we stop and start digging we quickly understand that we have so incredibly much to be grateful for in the present. All of us already own the most valuable that exists. Life! Love and closeness in relationships. To exist is joy if you only can realise it. Often you don’t realise that you are happy until you look back at your life. If you lose something, you quickly understand how much joy it actually means to you. Take eyesight as an example. What a joy it is to just lie in bed and be able to look at the wonders of nature. You realise that immediately the day the sigh is taken away from you. Happiness can be found when realising what enormous joy there is in just existing. Everyone has the happiness as long as they understand that it is right in front of them, and stop chasing it. 

Equality: Why does no one talk about the fact that Sweden has the second most rapes per capita in the world? We have incredible problems with rapes in Sweden but at the same time we close our eyes and have no real course of action to solve the problem. 36 percent of women between 18 and 29 have been exposed to sexual assault in Sweden. 600 cases of rape are reported each year but only a couple hundred offenders are convicted. A crime that should be relatively easy to solve with the help of DNA proof and often known offenders, but instead the blame is indirectly put on the girl and questions about her behaviour and lifestyle. Questions that should be irrelevant. That Sweden has such high rape statistics is often excused by that we in Sweden are so good at reporting rape, but shouldn't we then have about the same statistics as our Nordic neighbours or for example England? Our rape statistics are 4 times higher than our neighbours. Also I don't find that explanation believable. I actually think women have a lower trust in the Swedish justice system in regards to all these farce trials that time and time again are brought up in the media.