Day 6 (2014-06-12)

Landscape image: Open bay which got changed for a labyrinth of little isles. 
Weather: Cloudiness 7/8, north-westerly 9 m/s 
Distance: 26 km 
Average distance: 33 km 
Total distance: 197 km 
Position: Snässkär 
Health/feelings: Extremely tired and stopped rowing early. The forearm squeaks like an old barn door. 

Got started a little late. It was difficult to leave the nice sleeping bag. I had a large bay to cross. Saw seals today too. No leisure boats since the Stockholm archipelago. In the middle of the bay the wind quickly got stronger. The Vagabond practically dances over the waves. The seagull principle means that it floats on the waves like a seagull. A larger and heavier vessel instead hits the waves and must therefore be made to resist the forces of the sea. The smaller vessels don't need that. A pair waves came over the edge and splashed me down a bit. Then I had to row in headwind to get north of Kökar. I saw on the sea charts that there was a ferry camp on the north side and I wanted to get there to stock up on water. This ferry camp didn't have any water though so I could have chosen tailwind instead and went south of the island. In the labyrinth of little isles a fishing village appeared instead and there I got water from a nice lady. The headwind rowing took all my strength, so I stopped in the first best place. So wonderful to just relax in the tent. The book "On camelback through the desert" awaits. 

Thoughts about life: Everything is always in constant change. To counter change is an impossible thing doomed to fail.To stick to the past and claim that it was better then is equally impossible. There is no past. There is no future. The only thing that exists is a lot of presents stacked upon each other. Every present is different from the one before it. 

Equality: Both men's and women's attitudes must change to reflect a more equal society. If you change a country's attitude you will get everyone against you, because you then do not share the current attitudes of the society. This means that you have to be strong as an individual and be able to make yourself uncomfortable and be ready to endure massive criticism and threats from all those who want to preserve their often wrong and restricted attitudes. All the women's fighters in all ages have met a huge resistance in their fight for a changed society. My uttermost respect to them and those who today fight for an increased equality. I am convinced that in a hundred years writers and women's fighters of today like Katarina Wennstam and Maria Sveland will be idolised just as much as Fredrika Bremer. History repeats itself again and again when female fighters indefatigably fight in strong headwind against unjust norms and a massive resistance from the common opinion.