Day 7 (2014-06-13)

Landscape image:  Outer archipelago with spread out islands 
Weather: Cloudiness 8/8, northern 10 m/s 
Distance: 28 km 
Average distance: 32 km 
Total distance: 225 km 
Position: Huslandet 
Health/feelings: The hands have hardened and the forearm actually feels better. The squeaking remains, though. 

Woke up early and today was the first day for the dry suit. I haven't felt the need for it until now because the weather has been to my advantage. Though I have always kept it accessible if the weather were to change quickly. In Norway I used the dry suit almost every day. The suit is wonderful and realy comfortable to wear. A four layer Gore-Tex from Ursuit with extra strong fabric on the knees, backside and in the armpits. And of course with a peeing hatch on the front. I've had wind and rain right into the side of the boat. No water in the boat despite the fact that it is windier today. I almost hit a reef today. Imagine my surprise when it shows up two metres away from the side of the boat on open water. It is nice with rear-view mirrors, but I have too look in them too. I really prefer when the wind comes from behind instead! The island I am currently on really has everything for survival. A sweet water lake, lichen, heather, brittle birch leaves and cattail. But the food from 24 hour meals offers lavish three course meals. For starters dried ox meat, main course chicken with pasta and sweet & sour sauce, and orange sponge cake for dessert. The only problem is that I have to go to the loo every day. In Norway I only needed to empty the bowels every fifth day. But it is really worth it. The view is all right. It is really windy, has ben raining some and is a bit chilly. So I'm not complaining about a cup of hot chocolate. The coffee is still nowhere to be found. Can someone please help me search! 

Thoughts about life: Why this great belief that the grass is always greener on the other side? Why all these trips to the other side of the world? The treasure is often right in front of you. The Nordics are amazingly beautiful with large untouched, wild areas of utter loveliness. To get there you don't need much. A rowing boat, tent, sleeping bag, a camping stove, clothes and food. Camera and solar cells so you can capture the experience and share it. If you lack the knowledge, Friluftsfrämjandet has thousands of activities and excursions in your vicinity. It is through them that I have learned everything about outdoor life. The key to true freedom. 

Equality: The gender term is borrowed from linguistics where it is used to name the "sex" of a word, and in the equality work it means "social sex". Gender is about how we imagine sexes, like for example what is masculine or feminine. It isn't harder than that. Gender is shaped by history and culture and ever-changing. As late as the 18th century the Swedish norm was a one sex model where women were seen as incomplete men. This was reflected in for example laws which made it so that widows could take on roles that were otherwise reserved for their husbands. Since then a paradigm shift has happened, into seeing sexes as connected to the being, and as a complement. Today the colour pink seen as feminine, while it was previously seen as a manly colour. We only need to look back a couple of decades to find occupations that have gone from being seen as men's or women's work, to neutral, or that in a hundred years have even shifted over to the other sex. All this are examples of how gender norms have changed, while the biology has remained unchanged. The word sex contains two opposite terms, the biological and the social sex. Most people can be classed as biological woman or man and more or less carry male or female physical characteristics. It is in the social gender that there is potential for change. We must for example straighten out the problems around the fact that boys are accepted as messy and rowdy, while we absolutely do not accept the same behaviour in girls, where we instead demand that they be timid and quiet and act like orderly shock absorbers in the group, and to also put up with the boys' uninhibited outfalls. Or the fact that we expect girls to set the table and do the dishes. The gender is practically frames of guidelines and borders who limit both sexes to develop fully as well as being free to do, be, think, feel what they want.