Day 24 (2014-06-30)

Landscape image: Still beautiful outer archipelago 
Weather: Cloudiness 8/8, south-westerly 4 m/s 
Distance: 24 km 
Average distance: 27 km 
Total distance: 647 km 
Position: Suuri-Lankouri 
Health/feelings: The desire to see a new place as well as enjoying the water got too great. 

I slept like a log through the storm and when I woke up around 10 AM it had passed on. The day has been characterised by mist and drizzle. Everything tends to get a little wet in that weather and then it is nice with woollen clothing which is the only material with the unique property, that it keeps warm even though it is wet. I'm not exactly soaking, but I'm a little moist and then a smoking hot cup of chocolate isn't too bad. The highlight of the day was when a white-tailed eagle flew low over the water with four seagulls after it. Today I have found a perfect island. No buildings, no nature protection, no military area and it is really beautiful. I also found a collection of water where lots of salamanders swam around. They are legally protected from harm and very rare. It was a long time since I last saw one and it made me really happy. I tend to enjoy a nap after dinner. It's probably because of my old age... Tomorrow I reach the final goal of the adventure. The Russian border! 

Thoughts about life: We will lose everything one day. When we get things it comes naturally that we also lose things. When we receive love it is equally natural that we receive sorrow. When we are born we don't own anything and we have no relationships.  We learn to love and we get and buy material things, many get a great affection value. It's natural then that life consists of losses. Some fear loss so much that they don't dare getting children or loving, and lock in safeguard their valuables. But loss creates a foundation for love, new life and takes out the best sides in people. Loss is also necessary for us to evolve as people- All loss follows a certain emotional track. It starts with denial. We refuse to realise that it has happened. After that comes wrath and the venting of out powerlessness. Then we try with everything we have to bargain and change the loss. When we realise the impossible in the bargaining we end up in depression and finally in the wonderful fact that we accept the loss. The acceptance of everything we cannot affect. If we realise the value of the acceptance we don't need to stay as long in each stage of loss. 

Equality: Threats, offences and harassment are crimes that affect all groups on the Internet, including boys and men, but primarily girls and women. To be afraid to express your opinions because of fear of retaliation threatens both freedom of speech and democracy itself. To hide behind anonymity and at the same time commit crimes and abuse of children and young people via the Internet has become a huge problem for the society. AnitSarkeesian describes what an incredible online battle that was started against her when she questioned the sexualisation in the world of computer games. Many Swedish female authors and reporters are afraid of how they express themselves and don't dare writing things they know will end up in threats and harassment.