Day 1 (2014-06-07)

Landscape image: Inner archipelago 
Weather: Cloudiness 2/8, south-easterly 4 m/s 
Distance: 36 km 
Average distance: 36 km 
Total distance: 36 km 
Position: Ålön 

Health/feelings: Excited and so satisfied with the whole day and that the adventure lies ahead of me. Like a Friday night felt when I worked in the office and longed to get out. 
The whole day had been extremely intense with a lot of impressions. An early rise and then away with the family to Stockholm Outdoor. A new outdoor festival in the middle of the city. First I got interviewed by Friluftsfrämjandet and then by Outside. There were may waving goodbye and I got flowers and a nut mix by "skogsmulle" himself in miniature! 500 metres later away from throng my wife and daughter meet me for another goodbye. Then out on the blue waters. Oskar Kihlborg who has rowed to Finland had warned me not too happily about all the ferries who run in the fairways and I can agree on that it was completely chaotic with both ferries and fast-going vessels. I don't think I saw as many boats along all the Norwegian coast. But soon it is Monday and I will reach the ocean and then I get to enjoy the solitude and peace of mind. Just after Vaxholm I got a sea trout! Magical! Despite the fact that half the Baltic Sea suffers from a dead seabed there might be hope if we seize responsibility for the fish.  will be doing Catch & Release all the way. Someone else should also have the hoy of catching that trout. Come evening the wind died and everywhere where disembarking is possible there are houses. I had too look for a place to stay the night for two hours. But I found one perfectly protected from surges. All the food I have brought is 24 hour meals and half is freeze-dried and half is soft canned foods. It's the best I have eaten and I don't just say that because I'm sponsored ;-) . I've packed to be able to be away from civilisation for 44 days! 

Thoughts about life: No bills, no responsibility, no duties, no meetings, no people. just me, nature and a beauty of a rowing boat which I today named Saga after my daughter's middle name. Soon I will reach the meditative state. It usually happens after three days' solitude. Like balm for the soul. When I paddled the Norwegian coast I have never felt so bad physically but at the same time never felt so good mentally.

Equality: Equality means that women and men have the same power to shape the society and their own lives. That means the same opportunities, rights and duties in all life's areas. To be equal to each other. We should instead of equality talk about inequality. If we all the time talk about all the good we do in Sweden around equality, we stop striving towards a greater equality and instead are happy with being relatively good. But as a role model country for the rest of the world we instead need to aim for what is still unequal and discuss how we can better al the time. Sweden must be a role model country to be able to be mentioned as an example and show the way for the rest of the world. We have an enormous responsibility in that. The difference between sexes is still way too big in Sweden and to claim that it is worse in other countries is hardly an excuse.