Day 11 (2014-06-18)

Landscape image: Beautiful middle archipelago with a swarm of large and small islands.
Weather: Cloudiness 2/8, north-westerly 14 m/s
Distance: 41 km
Average distance: 31 km
Total distance: 338 km
Position: Andalskären
Health/feelings: Completely exhausted after being thrown back and forth between the wave tips. I had to finish the day earlier for recovery. Now I'm really enjoying lying in the tent after an abundantly generous dinner.

Ate breakfast with Tinttu and Janne for probably two hours. Then they followed me down to the boat for goodbyes. There was a strong north-westerly wind but I thought I'd get to the open bay to really check the conditions and the passage. It was way too windy for me to have chance to row against the wind and there was a certain risk of the wind blowing me out at sea. There were, though, a couple of islands further out that in a worst case scenario could catch me. After a lot of consideration I decided to cross the bay anyway. Today I was really outside my comfort zone and I was fully busy trying to keep course. The Vagabond dances over the waves and there are absolutely no problems with stability. Despite the fact that the railing is only 30 centimetres above the surface, I only took in water twice. After five hours I finally reached the southernmost Finnish cape and am now officially inside the Gulf of Finland. But I'm not halfway yet. The Gulf is long! I tried several times to find an island to land on but I had to keep looking for a new one every time. There are a lot of ships and large vessels here and finally I found a group of isles that are protected from both surge waves and the rough wind.

Thoughts about life: Don't be so afraid of death, that you don't dare to live life. Don't be afraid to take calculated risks to get a more eventful and developing life. We cannot and should not protect ourselves against everything. Look at the children .They step outside their comfort zones everyday and therefore develop very quickly. Sure they fall and hurt themselves, but often not worse than that they get some grazes. If you can't do it then at least you've tried. My mother has taught me this and I wonder if she doesn't regret it a little today.

Equality: In Sweden we do not have a law of consent, which several other countries do. Sex with a person who does not partake willingly is a crime no matter how you look at it. We should therefore as soon as possible change the law to "consent" instead of today's "forced intercourse" which in reality means that you need to make physical resistance and a "no" isn't enough. That no actually means no is natural for most people but not within Swedish law. In Sweden you need to through threats and violence force someone to sex for it to be seen as rape. It is very remarkable as the most common reaction while being raped is that you become passive, paralyzed and don't move. An increasing group of people demand a changed law because of the recent cases where several rapists have been judged as innocent due to an unclear law interpretation. Both the Left Party, the Green Party and the People's Party are in favour of a law of consent. Already in kindergarten we teach our children that no means no. Shouldn't that also be true when it comes to rape? In my mind sexual intercourse happens through consultation, consideration, listening and respect. Is that wrong?