Day 9 (2014-06-15)

Landscape image: Outer archipelago with spread out islands  
Weather: Cloudiness 4/8, westerly 9 m/s 
Distance: 50 km 
Average distance: 31 km 
Total distance: 275 km 
Position: Ängeskär 
Health/feelings: Intense rowing in tailwind resulted in that the arm that had become better from rest, is now swollen and squeaking again. Otherwise I'm comfortably tired and pleased. 

I woke of something doing an infernal buzzing. It was the mosquitos that had found my humble habitation. I went out to take down the camp and a battle started. The mosquitos won I think, but many died on the battlefield. They followed me a bit out at sea but finally retreated. Then some lovely rowing in tailwind awaited. Wonderful! Just rowing for a whole day is extremely soothing and meditative. In the end I got tired and found a camp site. It isn't optimal because it doesn't have protection from surge waves but it's completely protected from the wind. I haven't seen a singly ship in the whole day though, so I hope it will stay like that tonight. Everything is always about calculated risks. 

Thoughts about life: An aphorism is a sententiously formulated reflection or observation, mostly expressed as a proverb or a tenet often as an antithesis or a paradox. All monotonous physical activity such as for example hiking, running, cycling, paddling, rowing, woodcutting etc results in that you after a couple of hours enter a meditative state when you can reflect about life. The aphorisms have grown out of these moments but also through deep conversations with close friends and through studying different Buddhist life views. 

Equality: It's about what kind of society we want to live in and about that sexes shouldn't make the rules. The opposite, inequality, means different rights, duties and opportunities depending on the sex. This hits both ways but much more against girls than boys in today's Sweden. It's about everything from the fact that girls during their growth get less time from teachers in school and less resources for spare time interests, to worse career opportunities and lower salary levels for adults. An equal society is a condition for everyone's full potential to be recovered, and for everyone to be able to be like they want to be. Whole society wins on equality as it means that people's competence and creative force is recovered.