Dag 10 (2014-06-16)

Landscape image: Beautiful middle archipelago with a swarm of big and small islands- 
Weather: Cloudiness 2/8, North-westerly 12 m/s 
Distance: 22 km 
Average distance: 30 km 
Total distance: 297 km 
Position: Rosala 
Health/feelings: After several days of nice solitude it now feels comfotable to yet again converse with people. The forearm swells during the day but recovers pretty well during the night's sleep. It seems to have reached status quo. 

I got up rested and exited the tent to satisfy my morning needs. Crept back into the tent which I had left open when I was out. After a while it starts to sting here and there. I recognise the symptoms, and as I thought red ants had invaded the tent during my short absence. I even find them in my underwear. I have always disliked when they get in there. The hunt begins and no one is spared. 
Out at see I just as yesterday had good tailwind and it is a pure and sheer joy to fly forth on the wave tips. One of the ornithologists on Lågskär invited me over to their summer cabin here on Rosala so I did a short rowing stretch today because I arrived already at 2 PM. They don't arrive until the evening though but their nice neighbours welcomed me instead and offered me some wonderful chicken with pasta. The evening was then spent on a lot of nice company and I got to learn a lot about the Finland-Swedish and the surroundings. 

Thoughts about life: It is incredibly difficult to control your first impulsive thought; it is easier to contro lthe second. Don't act on the first thought, but contemplate and process thought number two instead. Especially if it's about a decision, ask if you can return with an answer, sleep on it. Often both actions and decisions become so much better from that. 

Equality: if one looks a bit closer at the law one can quickly see that it is ancient when it comes to certain crimes. Not until 1999 was it made illegal to possess child pornography. Pictures that are made through crimes against children, mostly girls but of course also boys. How could it go so long before we got a law against that? Not until 2010 it was followed by the natural step to also forbid watching child pornography. Now that the law exists there is hardly anyone complaining about it, but that wasn't the case when it was to be enacted. There was actually a lot of resistance. The next natural step forward must be the law of consent. That both partners need to agree on sex. Should be the most natural thing, but is yet again met by protests.