Day 2 (2014-06-08)

Landscape image: Outer archipelago with beautiful cliffs 
Weather: Cloudiness 6/8, south-easterly 3 m/s 
Distance: 49 km 
Average distance: 44.3 km 
Total distance: 85 km 
Position: Link
Health/feelings: Everything aches, especially back, stomach and legs. A muscle on the right forearm has swollen up. The hands are already full of blisters (14 of them). Just like it should be! The body is starting to adapt! Extremely nice to lie tucked down in the tent. 

The day started with bright sunshine and for a start I rowed in shorts and t-shirt. Then the rains came and went periodically. When I sat in the rain in the middle of a bay cooking lunch, a motor boat came out. They thought I was in trouble and that the boat was sinking. I explained that the boat is rather low but that all the water gets out by itself. I thanked for the care and started enjoying my lunch. The rain passed and the sun came back. Come evening the wind died completely and an absolutely fantastic sunset awaited. I'm now lying listening to a bird who's singing beautifully! 

Thoughts about life: Everything material brings costs, time and duties. If you tone down the material and at the same time cut expenses you get something valuable. The most important of all. TIME. What is the point of having everything but never having time to enjoy, socialise and just exist? 

Equality: Something has gone terribly wrong when people don't want to call themselves feminists. When the minister of equality will not call themselves a feminist. What has happened? Why is it associated with something negative? We need to restore such an important word and be proud to use it. If more people dare calling themselves feminists and at the same time tell people what it means, it can probably work. "A point of view that strives to improving the situation of women in society and at least reach equality to men." From the Svenska Akademien dictionary. A feminist only strives for equality between sexes and for women to have the same rights as men. How can someone claim to be a non-feminist and against that vision?