Day 15 (2014-06-21)

Landscape image: Inner archipelago with lots of buildings and many reefs. 
Weather: Cloudiness 5/8, South-westerly 7 m/s 
Distance: 22 km 
Average distance: 31 km 
Total distance: 472 km 
Position: Bockholmen 
Health/feelings: Stuffed, washed clean, new clothes and slightly drunk. 

Woke up to still winds and bright sunshine. I quickly packed my things and got out on the water. I had been contacted by Bo from Knivsta whose family home is right before Helsinki and I had thereby been invited there. A storm cloud formed and the wind started blowing stronger with powerful gusts making be fly across the water. It was enough just steering the boat. I therefore arrived a whole hour earlier than I expected. A Midsummer lunch with snaps and beer awaited when I arrived. After that the whole family gathered and we were at least twenty people. Everyone was curious and it was just to start telling them about what I did, how I did it and why. Then it was time for Finnish sauna, a bath and washing. Then a walk around the island and a history lesson about both childhood memories and things that happened 200 years ago. We among other things climbed a rock that Bo hadn't stood on for 60 years. Then I got storied about Russian grenades and about a shipwrecked family on a fishing trip where the entire family died except the father. After all that you could imagine that I wouldn't have the energy to keep on going, but we kept on with stories, politics and whiskey until 1 AM. To sum it up I had a really great day. I also got a little lesson from the neighbour lady who had read my blog and said that they do have Skogsmulle in Finland even though he doesn't show up as often in the forest here as in Sweden. Now I have to sleep! 

Thoughts about life: If you only tell a person what they are doing wrong or are bad at, that is nothing but a verbal punch against that person. It is simply bad critique and the only result of it is getting verbal violence back as defence from the other person. Got critique is when you instead tell the person about the effect or consequence of the problem/error and how you are affected or feel about it. In critique you also always have to present a course of action that solves the problem/error. 

Equality: Many Swedish citizens today have foreign traditions cultures and religions which of course enriches our society through different aspects. But unfortunately it also in many cases brings an ancient view on equality and women. Not unlike the one we had in Sweden around 200 years ago. New types of crimes such as genital mutilation and honour crimes have appeared. In the beginning we were paralyzed and uncomprehending but relatively quickly new effective laws were made against this and it is now illegal and punishable even if the crime is committed abroad. Many honour crimes have been committed such as Pela and Fadimeand now in 2014 a whole class of girls have been mutilated which for the means a life long handicap. But if we when it comes to this have a working law system, what remains to be done about these problems? It can be concluded in one word: education! The failure in that these girls have been mutilated is not at the parents because they have done as they've been taught and always done. The failure is at the Swedish integration and education system because we do not educate people in soft values. Education in equality should of course be included both in the school curriculum and the integration plan.