Day 14 (2014-06-20)

Landscape image: Open passage and thereafter inner archipelago.
Weather: Cloudiness 6/8, north-westerly 5 m/s
Distance: 41 km
Average distance: 32 km
Total distance: 450 km
Position: Skjulö
Health/feelings: Finally I have reached the meditative, peaceful state of mind. I don't know why it took so long this time, but it is here now.

I have offset the day which doesn't matter much at all. I woke of voices and it appeared to be the owners of the island who had their cabin in the next bay. They walked around the island collecting all the rubbish that had floated in the past year. Imagine if everyone did that. After some small talk I was invited to theirs for coffee and I packed my things and rowed over. The female owner told me that she during her 25 years there never invited an unknown lander home because the ones who had landed there before either hadn't respected the freedom to roam or hadn't been nice. I think that it's because that there is no Skogsmulle (forest school for children) here. It feels really fun to be able to break that trend. The coffee was very good with both fruit and chocolate snacks. They knew about everything about the archipelago and were inveterate sailors, so I got many good tips about future routing. I left their beautiful bay rather late and went out on a four hour passing. I continued a bit into the evening and saw fires here and there. Both Finns and Norwegians light large bonfires on Midsummer eve. I see a bonfire and hear song from the place where I have put up the tent. I had surely been able to row there and joined the festivities but I choose solitude instead.

Thoughts about life: Don't break a promise you've made. Not out of respect for the other part, but for yourself. Your promise reflects your values and if you break the promise maybe because of some short term stimulus, you break your own values at the same time. If you cannot trust yourself and your own values, you will feel bad but most importantly, you will not be able to trust others either. If you can't trust yourself then how could you trust anyone else? Always be very sceptical toward people who display jealousy because that means that they don't trust others, which also means that they don't trust themselves. How can you trust a person that doesn't even trust themselves?

Equality: How can it be that we in prominent countries have so many mentally based diseases when all the material needs are satisfied? Self harm and eating disorders mostly affect girls. The reasons are several but one contributing one is probably the unhealthy body ideals that girls all their lives get printed in their minds. Already in young years with Barbie dolls and cartoons, the girls get to see women with disproportionate bodies. Everything is enlarged or scaled down. Body ideals that are completely impossible to reach. 99 percent of all pictures in advertising and media are retouched, which means that they have changed the body shape and erased and evened out. Additionally, women are often shown in submissive, sexual positions. Plastic surgery has become a billion dollar industry. I think it is okay when restoring yourself to your original looks and everyone can of course do as they wish. But it is sad when people feel insufficient because they look human. I have broken my nose twice (the second time in the mountains when I climbed Kebnekaise) and have thought about restoring it but it has, during the twenty years that have passed, not felt so important that I have taken the step. it's an old cliché but it is actually true that beauty comes from the inside and the charm is in the little defects. No one is perfect and it would be boring if everyone was. I'd wish that pictures that aren't retouched get a kind of marking. I think that companies then would want to have that marking on their ads just like they want organic or Fairtrade markings on their wares.