Day 16 (2014-06-22)

 Landscape image: Urban archipelago with lots of boats, ships and cruisers. 
Weather: Cloudiness 8/8, south-easterly 5 m/s 
Distance: 28 km 
Average distance: 31 km 
Total distance: 500 km 
Health/feelings: I feel perfectly great despite rain, cold and headwind 

Blisters only form in the lazy man's hand. Good then that I don't have blisters anymore. At 9 Am I got a text that said that breakfast was served. After doing the morning business and saying goodbye I set my course for Helsinki. I wanted to see Sveaborg and it was a mighty fortress. one of the world's largest naval forts and it's on the Unesco world heritage list. Apparently Sweden's most expensive defensive project ever; it was built under Swedish rule in 1748. I got to see it from the sea but chose to keep going since it is cold and rainy, and the best way to keep warm is to row. It's just eight degrees Celsius today. Where is the summer? I found a wonderful little cape to camp on and I'm really cozy in the tent with a lit candle. A little candle in the tent makes a large difference both for warmth and against moisture, and I've noticed that it's fitting when the weather is wet. The Järven tarp has been used extensively today as it both warms and protects against rain. Since it is camouflaged it also hides me in case the Russians would come. Now there are buildings everywhere but the night's campsite was a jackpot. It keeps on raining outside despite the forecast saying something else. 

Thoughts about life: My wife reminded me today that the lack of critique and feedback can also be taken negatively. There is something that is so hard but at the same time so easy to give, what most people, including myself, often forget to give, and that is praise. Confirm and tell your close ones that you love and appreciate them. I'm going to call home now and do just that. Do it you too. 

Equality: Here comes some interesting facts about equality in the world. One out of three women are exposed to violence in their lifetime. One of three girls in developing countries are married off before they've turned eighteen. 140 million women have been mutilated. Between 40 and 50 percent of the women in the EU have been sexually harassed. The cost of violence in close relations for the British society is 22.9 billion pounds every year.