Day 22 (2014-06-28)

Landscape image: Still at the edge of the sea band with free horizon. 
Weather: Cloudiness 1/8, southern 6 m/s 
Distance: 30 km 
Average distance: 28 km 
Total distance: 623 km 
Position: Saukonkari 
Health/feelings: Feel much better today. It feels sad that I am soon at my destination. I want to keep on rowing... but of course it will be fun to reunite with the family and I still have a couple of days left. 

I took it easy as usual in the morning. Something I learned from the Norwegian coast trip is to take more time and enjoy everything more. The daily distances are getting shorter and shorter. Not because I'm worn out but because I want to postpone the end. The freedom of outdoor life is amazing. All decisions are based solely on my intuition and time stops having any meaning. The solitude creates peace of mind and I never feel so mentally wonderful as when I without fossil fuels move forward in nature. Open sea for six hours today without anywhere to land. I have tried fifteen different ways of doing my natural needs in the boat and some are better than others. It works perfectly fine to cook warm food out on open sea even with high waters. I saw a bird flying towards me. It was different from all the others and when it flew over me I saw to my joy that it was a loon. Pure happiness spreads in my body. A more beautiful bird is hard to fins and its sound is magical. When I'd put up the tent, I saw that there was no service on the phone here. The solution was to climb up in the highest pine tree. Lots of pine needles and spider webs but what to do. It's lucky that the pines have low sitting branches this far out at sea. 

Thoughts about life: Turning things upside down can clarify so that you see some things clearer. A person lies on their deathbed and this is their last words: "I wish I had bought a Porsche. I wish I had spent more time inside at the computer or TV. I wish I had neglected my spouse and children. I wish I had earned another million. I wish I had worked more overtime and climbed even higher in my career and had more power. I wish I had pillaged and destroyed more of Mother Earth and our environment for personal gain. I wish I had had less spare time and did more of what I feel bad of. I wish I had tricked and deceived more people.I wish I had acted more violently, angrily and selfishly. I wish I had been more introvert, alone and suspicious towards people. I wish I had been more bitter and never forgiven any wrongs but instead avenged them. I wish I had oppressed, belittled and reduced the ones in my proximity to further be able to exert my power over them and control them after my will. I wish I had had a pessimistic state of mind and always believed the worst about everything and everyone. I wish I had never loved anyone. I whish I had hated and threatened people with death. I whish I had never fulfilled a single one of my many dreams in life..." 

Equality: Honour crimes and oppression can be expressed in different ways, for example like strict control, threats, force and violence. It's based in ideas about sex, power and sexuality and therefore have much in common with men's violence towards women in general. What differs honour crimes from other kinds of violence though, I that it is sanctioned by a collective and that honour, shame and the importance of a preserved virginity are central values. The collective consists of family, family and countrymen. Honour norms aren't tied to any specific religion or ethnical group but often the collective has a background in non-democratic communities with clear patriarchal family systems. The violence of course looks different in different families who live in an honour context. But the norm systems that the violence is a part of can be described like such that the men's and the family's reputation is dependent on the closely related girls' and women's behaviour, primarily when it comes to sexuality and virginity. Girls are supposed to be virgins when they marry and men must marry a virgin. It's not necessarily about the girl's behaviour in reality, rumours can be just as harmful to honour. Even though women and girls don't have their own honour, mothers are often part of exerting the control and oppression, because the daughter's behaviour reflects what kind of woman the mother is. The control can be everything from limitations in everyday life, for example about spare time activities and choice of clothing, to marriage and education. Boys are also exposed to this control, for example when they are forced to exert control over family members or are married against their will. The virginity demand, though, is only valid for girls. Girls who break the honour norms are blamed and punished. The one who performs the punishment, violence and oppression is encouraged or forced to it by their nearest related. The heterosexuality as a norm is central within the honour communities, which means that HBT people risk being threatened or violated if they live openly. Therefore they are an especially exposed group when it comes to honour related oppression and violence.