Day 19 (2014-06-25)

Landscape image: Open bays and lush little isles 
Weather: Cloudiness 7/8, northern 4 m/s 
Distance: 29 km 
Average distance: 29 km 
Total distance: 550 km 
Position: Hummelholmen 
Health/feelings: The body is completely adapted to rowing and I don't feel it anywhere anymore. 

After a long breakfast and lots of coffee I rowed fro one fantastic family to the next almost as fantastic family. An equally nice ornithologist as the first I met on Lågskär had invited me to their summer home too. The Lågskär ornithologists appeared to be a real fortune for me. As soon as I arrived I was met by beer and a heated sauna. I'm now getting used to the procedure and really appreciate the sauna and baths. The water is 12 degrees and is nice to slip down in after boiling in the sauna. Octavie, which is this lovely lady's name, lives here together with all her four children in the summer and most of them were there. They served me incredibly good food which I ate way too much of but it was worth it. The daughter and her husband were actors which brought us in on Finnish films and literature and I now have a lot to see and read when I get home. I know already now that more adventures will play out in in Finland as I will really appreciate the people and the nature here. After conversations all the way until midnight my tiredness finally won over the nice company. It was especially fun to see and hear how the youngest kid Viktor follows his dreams and defies his fears to really do what he wants to do. 

Thoughts about life: Intuitively you can feel immediately what people are open, happy, lively and seize the moment, and that have that twinkle in the eye and the playfulness left. They are bursting with life and seize the little moments and think good about everyone until the opposite is proved. They have no façade or defensive wall that has to be broken through. How wonderful isn't it that I got to meet two people like that on Lågskär? There are people who see the world as threatening and dark and then there are people who see it as bright and hopeful, filled with possibilities. Then there is of course the entire scale between those two extremes. Of course the world becomes brighter if you from the start have a bright viewpoint. 

Equality: The first you learn as a boy is that you shall not hit girls, but violence that are primarily exerted against women in close relationships is a gigantic problem that costs the society humongous amounts. Costs within healthcare, insurance, production and income loss, court and police fees. Women are exposed to rough and repeated relationship violence more often than men. When it comes to milder forms of violence like pushing, throwing things or pulling someone's hair affects men and women equally. Men are also exposed to sexual violence in close relationships, but then primarily by another man in a same-sex relationship, such as offensive sexual actions, rape and attempts to rape. Since 2004 the Swedish Prison and Probation Service works with the care programme IDAP (Integrated Domestic Abuse Programme) which aims to reduce relapses within crimes among adult men who have used violence in close heterosexual relationships. The programme was accredited in 2006. The treatment model originates from Minnesota, USA, and is based on experience and knowledge from thousands of women and men who have been exposed to violence, that have participated in a group treatment. In Sweden, IDAP has been developed as a non-institutional care programme and it is worked with both in prison and outside, as well as by organisations who help men who willingly seek help to stop using violence. So there is help to be had as long as you ask for it.