Day 12 (2014-6-18)

Landscape image: Outer archipelago with bare islands and skerries  
Weather: Cloudiness 6/8, north-westerly 9 m/s 
Distance: 34 km 
Average distance: 31 km 
Total distance: 372 km 
Position: Lill Jussarö 
Health/feelings: The body was set on rest today but I defied the feeling and instead rowed in a nice and easy tempo. 

It was a nice morning with some rain in the air. The watch Suunto Ambit2 keeps track of the air pressure and it was sinking. During the rowing I was interviewed by Hufvudstadsbladet and they thought the article would be published during the day. I would love for the rowing and my message to reach as many as possible and it feels good to reach the Finns too.I took a lunch break o nan island today, instead of cooking the food in the boat as usual. Rowing in 9 m/s now feels like rowing in wind still weather if comparing with yesterday. Many of the islands have a landing prohibition for nature protection, and that is all year as opposed to Sweden where we only have it during the breeding periods. The best bays always have buildings but I don't need so much space. Two square metres for the tent, and lee for the Vagabond and I'm happy. My Bergans tent Antarctica is the largest tent I've used because I've previously used a one-man tent. Antarctica is a two-man tent and I have to admit that it is really nice with the extra space. As always Bergans offers great functionality and quality as well as being among the first who stopped using perfluorinated materials in production, which many other producers still haven't done. All the clothes I use come from Bergans and I only use wool and never fleece. Members f Friluftsfrämjandet can buy Bergans products for a reduced price in the Friluftsfrämjandet web shop. I now feel really dirty and I will probably unfortunately need to take an evening swim despite the cold weather. Both air and water temperature are now 14 degrees Celsius 

Thoughts about life: Do you know yourself and your true self? When all the roles and masks are completely stripped off and you only have your own unique self left. Many don't meet their true self until on their death bed or when they are face to face with death but survive with a tiny margin. Look for your true self earlier because it is so tragic that we find out what's important in life as late as on our death bed. 

Equality: We leave the law of consent for a while because it upsets me that we still do not have it. If I remember correctly it was as late as last year that the chairman of Svenskt Näringsliv (Swedish Business) said in the news that the lack of women in Swedish companies' management board is a result of a lack of women with competence in Sweden. It can't get more wrong than that! On the whole many company heads and decision makers have lacklustre knowledge about equality, and they thereby miss a huge potential for development for their company, both on the economic and the personal plane. Leadership sets the norm for the company ad it is therefore important with clear communication with your employees and to reflect around the current culture and to actively work for equality, both in the ongoing work for equality and in the dialogue at the workplace. Studies show that a more equal representation of women and men in a workplace creates a higher viability for the company. Studies have also shown that companies with both women and men in the management board have a higher revenue. And still the percentage of women with a head position is only 25 % in private companies. Should that be interpreted as that the companies don't want higher revenue? Additionally, several studies have came to the conclusion that female leaders have greater leadership qualities and a greater skill to reach set goals.