Day 13 (2014-06-19)

Landscape image: Outer archipelago with bare islands and skerries. 
Weather:  Cloudiness 8/8, westerly 4 m/s 
Distance: 37 km 
Average distance: 31 km 
Total distance: 409 km 
Position: Påvskär 
Health/feelings: The hands are completely hardened and I no longer need gloves. The forearm is clearly better and doesn't need medication anymore. It's nice to row in calm waters. 

Rain all day, but that doesn't disturb me. I prefer rain over scorching sun because I get so sweaty and the sun is very rough for the skin. Though I have to watch out for slippery rocks and cliffs so I don't fall. I hadn't planned to row very far today but when I started to look for a place to stay the night it turned out to be very difficult.The islands that didn't have houses instead had bird protection so I finally set my sights on a new island one hour away. When I got there I was met by a military area. Sigh! I wanted to land somewhere badly. So I continued to yet another island that also has bird protection. Finally I get to one where I'm allowed to disembark. There are bad conditions for camping but that doesn't mean anything at this stage. Up with the tent, cooked dinner and then I fell asleep almost instantly. Wonderful! Now I have woken and realise that I need to write the daily report. So I'm writing this half-awake. Today it was acknowledged that Bergans will be Friluftsfrämjandet's official clothes partner and because I'm ambassador for both it feels extra fun! 

Thoughts about life: Embrace the emptiness if you feel restless and empty inside. Don't flee the feeling, affirm it. Allow yourself to do nothing at all- Emptiness is what is between all the activities we perform Instead of constantly rushing on to the next action, stop for a while and feel the emptiness. Twist and turn it. Less "do", more "be". Alow yourself to be and push away the bad conscience that thinks that you must do things. Being present in the present is much more important than constantly doing things. 

Equality: It's especially sensitive when masculinity identities are discussed and what consequences that ideas about "manliness" bring. One example is the debate about men's violence towards women. Despite the fact that women's and men's behaviour siffer significantly, and that men's violence towards women make up a large well-documented problem of our society, it is a sensitive subject. When it comes to reported cases of violence, 90 percent of the suspects were men in 2009. To reach a change, we must discuss sensitive subjects too. Feministic issues are in many cases provocative, despite the belief in change and that for example men's violence towards women doesn't need to be a constant phenomenon. It's also interesting that a new and practical word like "hen" (Swedish word for undefined gender, neither "he" nor "she"), which means that you won't have to write "he or she", can upset so many.