Day 23 (2014-06-29)

 Landscape image: Since I'm on the same cape as yesterday I'm still at the edge of the sea band with free horizon. 
Weather: Cloudiness 8/8, south-easterly 13 m/s 
Distance: 0 km 
Average distance: 27 km 
Total distance: 623 km 
Position: Saukonkari 
Health/feelings: Nice with a resting day. Who wants to row in strong headwind? 

Both I and the boat are so unprotected. There is nothing to stop rain, wind or waves. I have lifted the boat up on land and secured the tent with rocks. The perfect bay with protection from all directions and that I can almost see from here, of course has military signs on it. What's left is the small round capes. I don't want in to Askö harbour either. There are so many people there. I'm better off out here on my unprotected cape where I can smell the flowers. Where I can lie tucked down in a warm sleeping bag in my tent when the sea is crashing five metres away, the wind is roaring in the canvas and the rain is hammering. It is complete headwind so I don't even think about going out on the sea, instead I remain in the tent for 48 hours. It's a pity that I have to stay here for two days (sarcastic). I feel so alive in the nature and especially when it shows its best side. My water had almost run out but I have used the Jervenduken tarp to gather water and the depots are now full. I have filtered away all the dirt through my Bergans cap and it tastes lovely. I have gotten reception on a Russian telephone tower and the coverage is slightly better so no more tree climbing. Soon comes the difficult decision of what food  I'm going to choose for dinner. The toilet paper has almost run out but sea grass works much better than the seaweed that got to fill the same function in Norway. It's hard to blow your nose in it though. 

Thoughts about life: In all religions there are thousands of years of gathered wisdom. Don't reject this wonderful treasure of  wisdom and source of inexhaustible energy and force only because you are an atheist. Then you just throw away this source of wisdom. There is so much to learn from all religions and even mythologies which really are only older religions. But religion can also be lifted as a sword and inflict immense harm in the form of power abuse, with trials, crusades and so on. It is up to each and every one if they want to lift this formidable treasure as a book full of wisdom or a sword so horrific that it can make people kill themselves and unfortunately bring lots of others people with them to death. Alternative number three is that you ignore the treasure completely. Here comes a short prayer that shows what I mean. "God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference." It is the practitioner of the religion who is good or evil. Religion is just wisdom and power that can be used for both good and evil purposes. 

Equality: To claim the feminism is something trendy is just as dumb as claiming that the environmental problems are. These incredible problems that affect us so greatly all over the planet can never be talked about enough, or branded as a passing fad. They will live on for hundreds of years and are our time's biggest and most difficult tasks. One out of five girls in Sweden today have or have had suicidal thoughts. 90 percent of the company heads in the advertisement industry are men. nine out of ten girls are dissatisfied with their appearance. Every second girl in ninth grade wants to lose weight. Every third young woman feels bad mentally. Women earn 3.6 million kronor less during their life despite today having a higher level of education than men. Women do seven weeks more housekeeping work than men. We have never had a female prime minister. 36000 rapes are committed every year, the highest number in Europe and four times higher than our Nordic neighbour countries. All this in Sweden that is supposed to be so equal. It's time for all of you who think Sweden is so equal and that it is sufficient as it is, to wake up! And do something about it too. The least you can do is to dare saying that you are a feminist. Which means that you think that women should be equal to men.