Day 8 (2014-06-14)

Landscape image: Outer archipelago with spread out islands
Weather: Cloudiness 8/8, northern 12 m/s
Distance: 0 km
Average distance: 28 km
Total distance: 225 km
Position: Huslandet
Health/feelings: How wonderful isn't it to just relax and take it easy a whole day after hard work.

Not much has happened today. I've slept, eaten and read alternately. Went to the sweet water lake and took a bath in the 26 degree warm water. There were lots of tadpole. I sank down to the thighs in mud. The view from the tent is magnificent and lots of birds offer fine shows and song lessons. It's hard to realise that I've been put for eight days. It feels like maximum three days. The solar panels have lied out all day and now all the batteries are fully charged. I also managed to find the coffee today which was really nice. He who looks shall find!

Thoughts about life: What is the greatest challenge in achieving positive changed or reaching the goal of your dreams? The answer is simple as it often is when it is right: taking the first step! Rowing a small boat to Russia is really not harder than taking a walk with the dog. It can hardly get safer than sleeping in a tent on a desert island in the ocean. If you walk five kilometres a day with the dog, that actually adds up to 1830 kilometres in a year. It's like walking to Italy! You only need to take the first step!

Equality: A simple tool for equality is asking yourself if what is accepted for man is equally accepted for the woman?
It's a trick that my wife often does and that has opened my eyes more than once. Such a simple question! How would you react if I did the same thing as you? It also works like a simple precept when my wife isn't near. Would it be okay if it were she who did it? It hasn't limited me, it's rather made me conscious about the fact that she has the same rights as I, and of course vice versa.