Day 25 (2014-07-07)

Landscape image: Inner archipelago, lots of forest, reed and buildings. 
Weather: Cloudiness 8/8, northern 4 m/s 
Distance: 25 km 
Average distance: 27 km 
Total distance: 672 km 
Health/feelings: Really pleased about arriving. A little sad that it's already over. 

It's been raining strongly all day with headwind, but that won't put me down with the goal in sight. When I started getting closer to the Russian Border I was surprised at how many buildings there actually were right at the border. In the water the border was marked out with a long trail of yellow buoys. I rowed alongside these buoys for a long while to finally reach the mainland. An amazingly beautiful house lay directly at the border and I therefore had to disembark at their shore. Luckily they were home. They informed me that to get closer than three kilometres from the border ones needs a permit. A fact that I'd missed. The fee was 1000 Euros Not so good. Right then the border guard rove along their driveway and the lady said that now it will be trouble. But lucky for me they keep driving. We calm down, socialise for a while, I get a roll of toilet paper and I send off the GPS message saying that I've arrived. Then we go to the boat and I decide to row three kilometres away from the border. Now I will lie in the tent and relax until the family arrives. 
To do long distance rowing in the Vagabond turned out to live up to much more than my expectations. It is really the rowing boats' answer to the sea kayak. I judge it as much safer at sea and it is nice being able to stand, move and cook directly in the boat. And also to take a nap after dinner. A more worthy boat can hardly be found on the Swedish market, a boat constructed for rowing in unprotected waters with high waves and strong winds. Self-clearing of water and with a rolling seat where you can really take advantage of the legs' power. Three waterproof bulkheads make it practically unsinkable and the packing spaces are really big. If I had only brought freeze-dried food I could have been out for a hundred days. Never before has my back felt so strong and good. Rear-view mirrors are a must-have. It saves seventy percent of the neck turns and are as necessary as the peeing hatch in the dry suit. The conclusion of that is that it is not for sale and there will be more adventures with the Vagabond Saga. 
I had thought the Finns to be a little mad at us because of our passivity during the war. But on the contrary they were really happy about our contribution where we took care of so many Finnish war children and there were also many Swedes who voluntarily went and fought on Finland's side. The feeling of being in Sweden has been strengthened by the fact that almost everyone speaks perfect Swedish. The archipelago here resembles that of our east coast. This autumn I will hold a course by Friluftsfrämjandet about how to realise your dreams and adventure projects. Become a member of Filuftsfrämjandet and participate! You should also keep track of Oskar Kihlborgs (the first Swede on Everest together with Mikeal Reuterswärd) new project Äventyrsakademin (The Adventure Academy). A school in outdoor life and adventure for children who have had a rough time. 
Now it is time to go home and present four outthought adventure projects to my wife. I have to take the chance immediately upon arriving home when she is extra glad to see me. Some glasses of wine and compromising by the fireplace. 
Many thanks to Crossing Borders and my good friend Måns Kämpe who have helped me with the texts and facts about equality. 

Thoughts about life: Everything starts with a dream. That transforms into a higher purpose. That transforms into an adventure. That transforms into effect goals. That transform into smart goals. That transform into a project plan. That transforms into a study plan. That transforms into a risk analysis. That transforms a diet and exercise schedule. That transforms into an equipment list. That transforms into a budget. That transforms into milestone goals. That transform into a list of activities. That transforms into a time plan. That transforms into cooperation and new great friendships. That transform into a realistic dream. That transforms into a REALISED DREAM! That's how I within me LIGHT MY FIRE. 

Equality: I hope that we will move forward in equality for all our sakes. Those who have it hardes are young girls and my hope is that this adventure project that has had equality as message, has made a difference. If only a little, then this has been worth every stroke of the oars. A new term called web grooming has appeared. "Grooming means that an adult takes sexual contact with a child, creates emotional bonds to children with the purpose to lower the child's guard against sexual harassment towards the child, or in a sexual purpose arranges a meeting with a child." Studies have shown that children who experience violence or threats about violence tend to develop Post-Traumatic Stress Syndrome to a greater extent than other children who are exposed to other traumas. The threats that are spoken in conjunction with assault are often regarded as very serious by children, which leads to the child living with a death threat towards the mother that they see as real. Children who go through treatment to process their experiences of violence have described a world full of concern. The possibility of change is in many cases experienced as very small by the child. Young girls make up the largest group that have been exposed to both online violations and grooming.