Day 3 (2014-06-09)

 Landscape image: Outer archipelago, open seas and beautiful cliffs 
Weather: Cloudiness 9/8, south-easterly 6 m/s 
Distance: 44 km 
Average distance: 43 km 
Total distance: 129 km 
Position: Lågskär 
Health/feelings: The forearm ahs swollen even more, some of the blisters have broken. My thighs ache. The body demands a day of rest. It's just to obey! 

I went out on open waters in nice weather. Lots of gray seals come up to have a look. I think they like the rowing boat and ask themselves why not all people use those instead of all the noisy, fuming, stinking motorboats. A huge storm cloud formed in the distance. and offer a magnificent spectacle with lightning and thunder, but I could safely watch from a distance. After lunch I accidentally fell asleep and sat up scared, scanning the area for vessels. After many hour's rowing I reached Åland and there I met a group of nice bird watchers who offered me dinner. Then I went to the beautiful lighthouse which is open and offered a wonderful view. Now it is time to sleep like Sleeping Beauty. 

Thoughts about life: Everyone runs their own lives and is responsible for what it looks like. Your life is the result of the choices you’ve made and the choices you make. No one can their life for someone else, you decide yourself how it should be. If you aren't happy with how it has turned out there is always the chance to start over again. Every day is the first day in the rest of your life. You are the steersman of your life. Steer it in the direction you want to go. Of course it is affected by outer factors but that is just secondary.  

Equality: During the Viking age women were much more equal to men. They could be warriors, chieftains and own large territories and riches. The Norse religions was also an equal religion with many prominent and powerful female figures. Nornorna with their power of all life, or Hel, the regent of the realm of death. Idun who controlled eternal youth. Then came the middle ages. Men sat down and created laws that took away the right of inheritance from the women and made them completely dependant on the men. Christianity also made its entrance during the middle ages. Christianity looked down on the woman as something dirty and sinful (Eve) and created all the norms about how the woman should behave. So in a way you could say that it was better in the past. Long ago... 
I like Christianity and it also has a lot of good in it, and is a fundamental source of life for many, but there are as I said pros and cons with everything and you need to sift away the bad and take in the good. A religion is never evil, it is up to the performer how they choose to interpret the religion.