Day 17 (2014-06-23)

Landscape image: Nice little cape surrounded by inner archipelago with lots of buildings 
Weather: Cloudiness 0/8, easterly 4 m/s 
Distance: 0 km 
Average distance: 29 km 
Total distance: 500 km 
Health/feelings: Really nice with a resting day. Only 12 degrees but bright sunshine. 

Today is really a lazy day, but oh so nice. I'm out in the sun, sleeping, eating, reading, listening to music and relaxing in the tent. You might be wondering how the fishing has gone and I have had nothing on the hook since the sea trout. I haven't fished that very much but the lack of fish in the outer archipelago is large. It's easier in Norway! The music consists of as always classical music but also Melissa Horn and Veronica Maggio. In Norway I listened a lot to Grief because it felt fitting there. I have also ploughed through Isaac Asimov's novel series about the Foundation due to a tip from my personal trainer on Form in Knivsta. It's interesting how a Sci Fi novel can describe the power plays of humans so accurately. The island is really small and I have walked around on it many times and felt like I knew it. I jumped two metres when a common merganser lifted behind me completely unexpectedly. it lay brooding so I quickly returned to the tent so it could return. Though I did have time to take a picture of the beautiful nest. 

Thoughts about life: All relationships contain love and it's not enough with just the love from your partner. We both give and receive love in all relationships, but the only thing we can control ourselves is the love we give The love we receive is just a bonus. Demanding love is a mistake that instead kills the existing love in a relationship. It's also a mistake to demand that your partner to end existing relationships with friends or family. It kills the existing love. You can give each other faithfulness, but never demand love or that the partner ends their other relationships. You never own each other and there are no demands that are to be fulfilled, everything in a relationship should be on both parts' terms, terms which should be brought forth through discussion. otherwise it is hardly equal. 

Equality: In 2012, 16,900 sexual crimes were reported. Sexual crimes is one of the crime types which is reported least. It's estimated that 23 percent of the sexual crimes are reported. In 2012 in total 2880 child rapes were reported, against children in ages 0-17. In 10 percent of the cases the victims were boys. Among the adult victims 96 percent were women and 4 percent men. The primary suspects of sexual crimes are sexual crimes; of the suspects only 2 percent are women. Young men dominate among the offenders, while young women are overrepresented among the victims - something that is clear in the National Safety Research (NTU) and the criminal statistics. That norms and attitudes for what is actually rape isn't clear is probably a contributing reason that so many offenders are young. An important reason to this is the unclear laws around rape (that you have to make physical resistance and that a no lacks importance in the court of law) and that we don't educate our children in this during the sex education, which is only about biological facts. Therefore education in equality is necessary.