Day 4 (2014-06-10)

Landscape image: island full of low growth with few trees. Reed and buckthorn. Surrounded by sea with beautiful cliffs. 
Weather: Cloudiness 1/8, north-easterly 8 m/s 
Distance: 0 km 
Average distance: 32 km 
Total distance: 129 km 
Position: Lågskär 
Health/feelings: The forearm still aches but the swelling is not as bad. I have treated it with Voltaren lotion. 

I slept for a good long while. Stayed in the tent and read the magazine Friluftsliv published by Friluftsfrämjandet. It's as good as Outside and Utemagasinet and also I am on the cover. The ornithologists invited me on a walk around the island and we got to see all these birds: Sea skua, shrike, razorbill, black guillemot, tufted duck, eider, red-breasted merganser, sea swallow, house martin, redshank, plover, oystercatcher, willow warbler and velvet scoter. 
Amazingly educative to study birds with people who know so much. Dinner, wine, real Finnish firewood sauna and an ocean swim waited after wards so I'm hardly in distress out here. There are lots of snakes too and you have to stomp a lot when using the outhouse restroom because they thrive extra well there. If you look down in the toilet hole you can see them slither away. I was bitten by an adder in the thumb a couple of years ago but I can imagine worse laces to get bitten. A calm evening in the tent awaits. 

Thoughs about life: Do you want to survive or do you want to live life? Is life a struggle or a unique trip? Is it enough to just go to work to make money and then consume? Is it enough to just be sick and sit at home? There is so much to do even if you are sick or disabled, and all mistakes become new wisdom. For life to have a meaning you have to engage yourself and try to affect others and the world. Engage yourself in the matters of your heart, your passions. Surely you in particular have unique experiences and knowledge and can help to affect and create a better future. Your experience is valuable but only if you use it. If not they are lost to no use. All adversities in life are educative experiences. If life is just a fight for survival you are living it the wrong way and large changes are required. These changes can only be made by you. 

Equality: Every time laws or norms are changed for increased equality it has created loud protests, mostly from men but also from women. That happened for example when female suffrage was introduced in 1921 or when the first female news reader in Swedish radio did her first broadcast. People were yelling that we can't have it this way, can we? That it was unnatural. If you look at it today it can even seem comical but history repeats every time we shift the deeply rooted gender roles. If you go back a while in history, we in Sweden have had the exact same problems that many countries still have. Before 1864 men had legal right to beat their wife and not until 1872 did the woman get to decide for herself who to marry. But not until 1982 did it became criminal to rape your spouse. In 1935 women started getting as large a pension as men, but that is a modified truth. Women still get lower pension because it is calculated on their longer life expectancy.