Day 5 (2014-06-11)

Landscape image: Beautiful free horizon on a low island filled with juniper and butterfly orchids 
Weather: Cloudiness 4/8, south-westerly 4 m/s 
Distance: 42 km 
Average distance: 34 km 
Total distance: 171 km 
Position: Dömmanskär 
Health/feelings: The blisters on the hands don’t trouble me anymore. Some have hardened and new skin has formed under the fluid-filled ones. The swelling on the forearm is unchanged. I'm feeling like a king! 

Got woken at 6 AM by Raisa Tanner who arranged the tour for all the ornithologists. There was porridge left over if I wanted breakfast. Of course I accepted the offer and got to enjoy my first cup of coffee in five days. I have coffee with me but I can't find it. I'm too lazy to turn everything inside out to find it. It will appear in time. I don't know how I've managed to hide the coffee so well. I then steered straight eastward and eventually reached a small group of islands. Talk about free horizon! Many seals and even more razorbills. Our own Swedish penguin. I love the kayak but have always ogled the beautiful Vagabond. The rowing boats' version of the sea kayak. I can tell you that it just as beautiful to look backwards as forwards. Additionally you get to see a lot more seals since they prefer going up behind the boat. The boat can take a three times larger load and it's nice to be able to stand up, cook and take a nap in the boat. You simply don't need to disembark. It's faster than the kayak too. But I' kayak leader in Friluftsfrämjandet and my local group doesn't need to worry that I will bring the rowing boat instead next time. Outside the tent there is a butterfly orchid spreading its strong and good scent. Tonight it will rain and maybe be thunder. Is there anything better than the sound of rain on the tent canvas? 

Thoughts about life: My father has always been a very calm man who has never roared up unnecessarily. One time when I was little I asked him why never got angry. He replied that he simply didn't like being angry. That made a deep impression on me. We clearly decide for ourselves how we want to react on things. We can make conscious choices. To understand that it is unnecessary to waste energy on things we  cannot affect such as a parking ticket. Accepteance of everything we can't affect. It is what it is. Not more, not less. 

Equality: 1960 the first female priest was ordained but I remember that many male priests were openly against this as late as the 90's. As late as last year we got our first female arch bishop. Nowadays there is hardly anyone that reacts on a female doctor or priest. But we don't need to go that far back. in 1989 all occupations were opened for women. We have a law that says equal payment for equal work but it isn't followed. Seen to the whole labour market, women's pays are 86 percent lower than men's pays for equal work despite the fact that women have a higher level of education than the men doing the same job.