Assignment Accomplished!

The Rockies North of Vancouver
Safely back in the UK after a truly awesome month in Canada! So many stories to tell, we had better get cracking!! I've got just over 3800 photographs to process, timelapses to build and then of course there is the film with the amazing Charlie of Fieldgrazer Productions.

As our expedition was extremely remote in the one of the planet's last remaining wilderness areas, we could only communicate with the outside world using an inReach SE satellite communicator from Global Telesat. One of the very cool features of the inReach device is geo-location plotting of all our posts. You can see how we progressed by following this link. Apart from the posts from wifi in Whitehorse everything during the expedition had to be scheduled ahead of time. From now on it will be our pleasure, to share with you dear reader, the photography and stories from the expedition itself. To make it easier to follow I have re-dated the posts written since our return so that you can enjoy the story of our adventure in the right order.

Many thanks for all your support during the expedition. It meant a huge amount to us and was a real treat to see once we got back to civilisation. If you have any questions, fire away!

This is the Yukon Assignment....