Arctic Circle

Posing on the (sort of) Arctic Circle
So this is slightly awkward. We had intended to stop on the Arctic Circle itself, have a little celebration, and do some camera work. The problem is no one has painted the line on the ground, and having got into a good paddling rhythm, our GPS unit reported that we had over shot by 300 metres or so. Not to be robbed of the experience we faked it!

Basic but Tasty Grub

We marked a line in the sand and larked about jumping over it and filming ourselves "discovering" it. Perhaps the madness of wilderness travel had got to us but we enjoyed the moment. One of the attractions of this last section was the kudos of crossing the Arctic Circle. We joked about how different the landscape looked the other side of the Circle. It was of course identical Taiga forest as far as we could see. Nothing had really changed, but in our minds this was a true milestone, and there is something very cool about knowing that you are North of the Arctic Circle!

The 'Off-Map' Camp North of the Arctic Circle at Last