Not all water flows down stream!

Angel Lake
You would like to think that paddling down a river would be fairly straight forward in the navigation department! When the river spreads over a kilometre in width and is formed of a myriad of braided channels route finding can get a bit more interesting. Up in the front I would regularly stand in the boat to get a better view. We would try and judge which were the deeper courses and where the faster rapids might be.

Lunch Spot
You could probably paddle this same stretch of river a dozen times and do it slightly differently each time. Most of the time, mainly through luck, we would find a good way through. That was until we accidentally found ourselves in the Angel Lake! A shallow pebble bed led to a sweeping right bend then a left. The sun had been on our backs and it was the sharp Arctic light in our eyes that tipped us off that we weren't heading North anymore. It wasn't exactly where we had planned to be - but what a spot. Rocks of every colour of the rainbow shimmered through crystal water. By contrast to the noise on the river this was a moment of tranquility. Having come to a dead end we accepted that we would have to paddle back up-stream. This is one of the joys of exploration, you can never be entirely sure what each day might bring.

Charging Kit at Camp