This is how you do it:

Make a batch of rice according to the instructions on the package. Meanwhile dice your apple and cucumber. Sprinkle some lime juice on the apple to prevent it from turning brown. Place your chopped ingredients in a bowl from your MealKit until plating. Chop onion and slice radishes and add to your bowl. Peel a long strip of the tomato skin and roll the skin in to a tomato rose, make one rose per serving. Chop the remaining tomato.

Mix soy and lime juice in a SnapBox Original. Add sugar and finely chopped chili leave the seeds if you want it hot. Peel the ginger, using a Spork and add it to the sauce.

Plate your Poké Fire Bowl starting with rice in the bottom. Arrange all ingredients in nice groups on top of the rice. Put the flaked salmon in the middle and sprinkle the sauce over the fish. Top the dish with lime zest and the tomato rose as a final touch.



  • Replace the topping in the recipe with things you like: avocado, beans, tofu, beef.
  • Choose a variety of rice that you prefer.


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