This is how you do it

Marvelous Moroccan Mint Tea Put green tea in teapot and pour in 200ml cup boiling water. Mix gently to warm the pot and rinse some tannins from the tea. Strain out and discard water, leaving tea leaves in the pot. Add remaining 800ml water and allow the tea to brew for 2 minutes. Stir in sugar and mint and allow to brew for another 3 minutes.

Pour into glasses.

Tip: For added style points, pour from a height as this helps aerates the tea.

Tip2: If you can't find green gunpowder tea, substitute with a 50:50 mix of green and black tea 

Grandpa's Original Bread (2 bread) Mix the dry ingredients for the bread at home and bring in a bag. Pour the oil and water into the flour bag. Mix into a dough. Shape into cakes and roast in Grandpa's FireGrill.