This is how you do it

Pizza dough: Mix the dough and let it rest for two hours. Knead and place the dough in a MealKit. Let rise overnight. Ready to bake.

Divide the dough into as many balls as you want pizzas. Roll out the dough balls or use your hands to flatten them. Put them in the griddle pan. Turn when the bottom side is ready and cover with spread and toppings. Eat and enjoy!

Topping: Start a fire and place a large griddle pan with legs in it. If no griddle pan or fire is available, use any pan and source of heat.

Place the entire garlic by the fire where it's burning hot but not burning. Leave it to roast until soft (10-20 min). Press each clove out of its skin. Chop the artichokes finely. Add lemon zest, salt and oregano to your liking. Spread the artichoke cream on the pizzas and top with chévre and garlic cloves.

Tip:  Use store bought artichoke cream to save time.

Tip2:  Choose another kind of strong cheese.