DiningKit for 4 people

Design by Joakim Nordwall and Camilla Eriksson

Complete stackable set for four outdoor diners - nice to eat from and neat to pack

Consisting of 4 plates, 4 Sporks, 4 Pack-up-Cups™ and a Harness, Dine Kit allows families and friends to discover that life is tastier outdoors.  Each piece stacks and packs up neatly and securely. The plates stack into each other, with the fourth acting as a lid. The Sporks fit into the plates, and the Harness hold the stack firmly in place. And the Pack-up-Cups stack up or can be collapsed according to space. To make the kit even more appetizing it comes in the trendy Peacock Collection Colors.



• Convenient stackable plates with an edge and lid
• Iconic spoon-fork-knife combo, practical and reusable
• Cups that expand to drink and stack or collapse to carry
• Harness to keeps kit packed up

bpa_free_space.png   Spork _fork _spacemicro.pngfreeze.png